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    Recycling into Energy
  • Recycling into Energy


I.N.E.D.A Group dedicates its efforts to research and development of new technologies aimed at preserving the environment. Our development office is located in Germany. The development of the installation for salvage conversion took us 3 years and cost several hundred thousands of euros. Work and investments that are well worth the results we have reached, after all it's not often possible to create something truly leap-ahead in the field of renewable energy sources and waste management.

Our equipment is significantly different from all similar facilities and provides unparalleled results. However, we are not resting on our oars and are constantly working on the development of new technologies and on our systems in order to make them even more robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

With our innovations we strive to preserve the nature and help our customers to permanently increase their incomes.

Perhaps the idea of helping our planet and at the same time earning money on it seems incredible, but this very "trick" becomes possible thanks to our facilities. On the following pages, we will show you how.