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    Recycling into Energy
  • Recycling into Energy
TDC F20/F40 - Thermodynamical Converter

The TDC F20 / F40 is a pyrolysis plant that converts caloric garbage to carbon, crude oil, gas and heat. Processing quantity of TDC-F20: 1000 -2000t to TDC-F40: 2000 - 4000t installation possible per year. However, it is also possible to process up to 500,000t a year with several modules of our plant.

TDG W Thermodynamical Generator

The TDG-W is a thermodynamic generator in which almost every kind of waste heat is converted to electricity. Temperature range from + 100C to +115. Power generation from 70 kWh to 933 kWh possible per plant. Consumption of water from 1.3t / h to 16.5t / h.