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    Recycling into Energy
  • Recycling into Energy

TDC F20/F40 Unit


Thermodynamical Converter

Method of Production of oil, carbon (technical carbon), gas and heat for recycling of waste / rubbish and caloric materials.


Our unique converter is radically different from all other systems in the following points:

  1. waste does not require sorting or cleaning.
  2. it can utilize waste of absolutely all kinds, either carbon-containing waste (for example, plastic, rubber, waste oils and paints and other) so on.
  3. it takes only a few workers to operate the system, as the process is maximally automated.
  4. short payback period.
  5. long lasting performance.

Suitable Input Materials

Input materials subject to converting into carbon include:

  • all types of polymers, including PVC, etc.;
  • rubber / used tires;
  • oil waste, paraffin, fats of all types, transformer, hydraulic oils;
  • oil refinery waste, bitumen, tar;
  • vegetable feedstock, waste wood, particleboard, imbued furniture boards / wood, paper, wood scraps, wood dust, ties, etc .;
  • medical wastes that are completely sterilized in the converter.


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